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$this is a sample of the last 1954 engine  we sold

we now asof (4-25-04) have another  head dated C-26-4

and   block dated C-26-4

call for prices ---858-864-2883

 very complete  with orig. valve cover 

and Corvette oil pan.  





  but, no distributor. 1954 Engine 6-CLY.-Blue Flame   http://www.cranescorvette.com/1954_blue_flame_corvette_6_engine.htm

    1954 Engine 6-CLY.-Blue Flame

orig thermostat housing with WB1C bolt --This engine was rebuilt for a restored Corvette2 -eyars ago and never fired up    



orig.   "YG"   code stamping and sequence number. 

-- engine casting date is B-1-54  (Feb.1 )     



       original cyl. head  #241     


  orig. #108 exhaust manifold.







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Last modified: June 09, 2011