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"Mold Patch" Wheels

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Feature 2click photo and allow to laod her large file.

1956-62 wheels and Hubcaps "new at bottom of this page




PO2 WHEEL COVERS-ABOVE  FOR 1968-73 CORVETTES --LIKE NEW , USED , RESTORED CALL...ORDER LINE::::::::::::::::::::: PH: 800-597-4132


Visit our NEW WEBSITE !!!Fully updated with online ordering !!!            Click this link : http://www.cranescorvettesupply.com/servlet/StoreFront 

To find out more about  these new EXACT REPLICA KNOCK-OFF WHEELS, as well as original-style 1963-1966 Knockoffs SALE $ 2,275 set of 4 .

or 1967   bolt-on  "Starburst"   wheels $2,600    set of 4

1967 Bolt-Ons, $2,600    set of 4 complete w/starbursts  


65-66 Knock-Off Wheels (bolt-on)








1965-66 steel wheels - one set of originals  a couple are N.O.S.  code "JK"   $ call  have one NOS set     set of 4.

63-64 Knock-Off Wheels (bolt-on)


67 Bolt-On Wheels




nice /excellent orig 1963 hubcaps $  call  ..... set of 4

1963-64 Style

1965 Style

1966 Style

Enjoy the best of both worlds - classic Knockoff Wheel looks with easy, bolt-on installation. No special equipment or skills needed. Sets include 4 wheels, adapters, spinners, center caps, cones, anti-theft pins, and complete instructions. 3 styles available.


 Knockoff Wheels for 1963-1966 Corvettes

NEW  -- These are the old style fatter fins and fatter out lip.   a sudo-copy of the originals at the top of the page.

To find out more these, as well as original-style 1963-1966 Knockoffs SALE $ 2275 set of 4 with spinners -real knock offs held on with spinners.

or Direct bolt-on  "knock off Spinner"  wheels $2,275set of 4

1967 Bolt-Ons, $2,600  set of 4 complete w/starbursts  

 Knock-off Kelsey-Hayes 65-66 -RESTORED    FOR $9,500 set of 4 wheels, spinners, and adapters. 


1965 KELSEY K.O. ALUMINUM WHEELS - unrestored (4) $7,500.00 set 
(check back from time to time as we get them in periodically)



1956-68 new hubcaps $699 set of 4 w/new spinners  above 

and 1959-62  slotted caps below $699 set of 4.


1965 pictured below complete with new spinners call  858-864-2883


We specialize in Original Equipment Hubcaps and Wheels.

  • We have trim rings and center caps for most rally wheels.
  • Also, floor mats, hubcap hammers, everything you need to make your sale.

Coast-To-Coast Commitment to Service

  • Higher quality for less cost.
  • Door-to-door service (2-3 days) anywhere in the USA

Factory Chrome Plating

We specialize in Original Equipment Hubcaps and Wheels.

  • We have HUNDREDS of wheels and hubcaps in stock.
  • 100% GUARANTEE on all wheels and hubcaps.
  • Singles or Sets. 

aaabody3video.jpg (23709 bytes)"NEW:" NOTE: NEW PHONES: WEBSITE:  www.cranescorvette.com

ORDER LINE::::::::::::::::::::: PH: 800-5974132

"NEW" FRAMEWORLD = toll free 888-427-8388

:::::::::::::::::::::::::: FAX::::::::::::::::::::::: 858-514-8398 

PHONE: 858-514-8383, 
NEW FAX: 858-514-8398,

Contacts:       Main office: 858-864-2883       FAX: 858-514-8398

USED PARTS: toll free: (858) 514-8388  INTERNATIONAL: (858) 514-8383






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