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Crane Motorsports has been building race engines for years. Crane engines are already broken in, all you have to do is drop it in and go! Each engine is fully balanced and includes a comprehensive dyno test printout. All blocks are line honed, decked and bored to exact standards. Polished-aluminum valve covers and a custom harmonic balancer are included. Wheeler backs up their workmanship with a 1-year warranty. As a bonus, Crane engines are shipped to you at no additional cost. These are factory-direct items and are discount exempt.
Engine Assemblies
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C350 Chevrolet small-block 350 crate engine. Rated at 310 horsepower, the C350 engine offers a step up from conventional replacement engines. It features an Edelbrock intake and polished-aluminum valve covers.
C350A H.O. Chevrolet small-block 350 crate engine. Wheeler has managed to wring out 400 horsepower from 350 c.i.d., breaking the "bigger is better" rule. Higher compression, roller rockers and a higher lift cam help this mighty mouse roar!
C383 H.O. Chevrolet small-block 383 crate engine. A long stroke and higher compression help this engine develop a broad power range. This engine is perfect for the budget-minded daily driver.
C383 H.O. Chevrolet small-block 383 crate engine.Wheeler has created the ultimate 383 stroker engine. By raising compression to 10.3:1, they have built a small-block engine with big-block power numbers. The ultimate sleeper motor!
C468A Chevrolet big-block 468 crate engine. Big-block taste on a small-block budget is what this engine is all about. The aluminum heads save weight while creating a healthy amount of power.
C496A Chevrolet big-block 496 crate engine. This is the kind of power that has made the big-block legendary. With 540 lb./ft. of torque and 460 horsepower on tap, this engine has power you can truly feel.
C496A H.O. Chevrolet big-block 496 crate engine. Whether you're blasting down the track or just cruising the boulevard, you're sure to attract attention with this engine under the hood. Wheeler has equipped this aluminum-headed engine with high-compression and a forged crankshaft for strength.
C509A Chevrolet big-block 509 crate engine. Happiness is 500+ c.i.d. under the hood. This engine displaces 509 c.i.d. and brings the kind of power you would expect with it. A generous 600 lb./ft. of torque makes this a great motor for towing.
C509A H.O. Chevrolet big-block 509 crate engine. When too much isnít enough, then there is the C509A H.O. The power numbers donít just speak for themselves, they scream it!
C540A H.O. Chevrolet big-block 540 crate engine. This engine is the pinnacle of Wheelerís line. A combination of bore, stroke, compression and aluminum heads makes this one of the most potent engines on the market. Itís hard to argue with over 600+ horsepower and 665 lb./ft. of torque. This engine may lead to a permanent grin and a heavy right foot.
SC350 Chevrolet small-block 350 Street Crate Engine. If you want the value of steel heads with more power, this is the engine. The increased compression bumps up horsepower and torque for a racier attitude.
SC350A Chevrolet small-block 350 Premium Street Crate Engine. Aluminum heads offer considerable weight savings over steel heads. The SC350A ups the power ante while reducing overall weight. This is one of Wheelerís best selling engines.
SC383 Chevrolet small-block 383 Street Crate Engine. This engine makes great torque thanks to its longer stroke. It has a good idle and quick throttle response. A truly affordable stroker engine.
SC383A Chevrolet small-block 383 Premium Street Crate Engine. More power and less weight. What more could you want? Wheeler has taken their proven stroker bottom end and added a set of aluminum heads. This results in a nice increase in power while saving precious weight.
SC540A Chevrolet big-block 540 Premium Street Crate Engine. Whoever said size doesnít matter never owned a 540 c.i.d. engine. Thereís not much that can top the pure brute power this engine offers. With aluminum heads and a forged crankshaft, this engine is ready for anything you throw at it.

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Last modified: June 09, 2011